Referrals for admission to one of our two Crisis Stabilization Houses are accepted from the following sources:

  • County of Milwaukee Behavioral Health Division
  • Milwaukee Mental Health Emergency Center (MHEC)
  • Granite Hills Hospital – West Allis
  • Milwaukee Community Hospital Emergency Departments
  • Mendota Mental Health Institute and Winnebago Mental Health Institute
  • Law Enforcement
  • Community Physicians and Mental Health Counselors

We reserve the right to prioritize admissions based on the severity of the crisis as judged by our clinical staff. 


Referrals made by calling the Crisis Stabilization Line at 414-269-8081.  In the alternative, referral may be made online by filling out and submitting the attached Referral Forms to:

Referral Form

Crisis Stabilization Referral Form


Completed by Clinical Director or designee


Legal Status

Exclusion Criteria

Evacuate within 2 minutes

Independent with Cares

Medication Compliants

Registered Sex Offender

Locations of Admission